About Roscoe Moss Sahara

Roscoe Moss Sahara LLC (RMS) is a private Egyptian company founded in 2008 and located in 6th of October City, Egypt. RMS manufacture all types of water wells screens and casing accessories. RMS is a subsidiary of Roscoe Moss Company (RMC), based in Los Angeles, California, USA. RMC is established in 1926. It is one of the pioneers in manufacturing water well requirements. Since 2008 Roscoe Moss Sahara LLC (RMS) has emerged as one of the largest water well screen and accessories manufacturer in the region. RMS supply its products to many clients in the region, such as Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Eretria, Ethiopia, Saudi, Qatar, Jordon, Mozambique, Namibia, United Arab Emirates and Mongolia… etc.
With sophisticated manufacturing facility, advanced technologies and perfect detection measures, water well screen produced by RMS. RMS products can be used in many applications and different industries such as water wells, desalination units, mining & Mineral Processing, municipal water supply, refining & petrochemical, food industries, water treatment plant, sewage water treatment plant, architecture and construction … Etc.