Roscoe Moss Sahara custom made casing Connections

RMS cut and rethread a complete range of API-certified connections.

RMS is certified for API specs 5CT, RMS can handle a complete range of American Petroleum Institute (API) certified casing thread types, including short round

thread casing (STC), long round thread casing (LTC) and buttress thread casing (BTC). STC and LTC both feature a non–runout design of round threads, each with eight round crested threads per inch. BTC has a square thread with a flat root and crest, a runout design, and five buttress threads per inch.RMS provide API threading services , ranging in size from 3-1/2” to 20” outside diameter. Tubing and casing threading services, saw cutting, and full-length drift.

Each thread type is suited for a specific well condition.

STC is a good choice for shorter length casing applications that do not involve high axial loads or bending.

LTC is well suited for situations where some axial load is encountered but overall well conditions do not include extremes of temperature or pressure. 

BTC is an excellent connection for use in well situations involving higher axial loads and moderate internal pressures and temperatures.

RMS fabricate casing Pup joints, landing joints, flow line, drifts, water well thread protectors, circulating heads and swages all sizes, water well mule shoes, water well casing crossover different sizes and material.