Continuous Wire Wrap Screen

Roscoe Moss Sahara produces Continuous wire wrap screen. These screens are manufactured by wrapping and resistance welding a shaped wire around an internal array of longitudinal rods. This process lends itself to close tolerances required for very fine aperture sizes; the V-shaped slot [...]

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Pipe Base Screen

Pipe base Screen is a type of screens used for deepwater wells, oil wells and gas wells where a high collapse and tensile resistance are required, and while we still in need for the merits of the wire wrap screens for efficient sand control, as It merges the [...]

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Shutter Screen

Roscoe Moss Sahara as a subsidiary of Roscoe Moss Manufacturing, RMS is in charge of marketing all RMC products such as shutter screen and spiral welded casing. RMS maintains stock of RMC products and it is subject for availability at the moment of the order. Shutter screen It is also known as louver screen, is [...]

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Slotted Screen

Slotted screens are obtained by making cuts all over the pipe in order to exploit the screen collecting capability to the maximum level. Slots are horizontal to pipes generatrices. Data show that horizontal opening are very hydraulically efficient and provide high collapse resistance thanks to the arc shapes of the material around them. Slotted screens are [...]

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