The Rossum Sand Tester is used to measure sand content of pumped water. This device is reliable, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. American Water Works Association Standard for Water Wells (AWWA A 100) Appendix E, Section E.4.6 “Measurement of Sand Content” states “Measurement of sand content may be accomplished by the installation of the Rossum centrifugal sand sampler…” This device has been manufactured by Roscoe Moss Company for over 40 years.

Measurement of sand content is often required of new water wells to determine if specified operating parameters have been achieved. However, well owners should include regularly scheduled sand tests in operation and maintenance programs.

Measurement of sand production on a regular basis may provide a timely indication of well problems. Should structural defects be detected early enough they may be repaired. If not abated, some conditions could lead to complete well failure resulting in decommissioning and replacement; a costly alternative that may have been avoided.

Features and Benefits

Easy to operate

Field personnel require minimal training to operate a Rossum Sand Tester . Easy to follow instructions and an interactive calculation spreadsheet minimize chance of error .

Simple install

The Rossum Sand Tester has a quick and easy installation process . This translates to less downtime for field personnel , resulting in reduced overall labor costs .


The Rossum Sand Tester has provided well owners reliable sand reading since 1952 . As an integral part of a preventative maintenance plane , such measurements are vital to identifying some types of well problems before failure occurs .