Liner hanger with rubber packer and Gravel pack crossover tool :

The gravel pack crossover tool creates the various circulating paths for fluid flow during gravel packing. The package includes two different string runs in the well as illustrated in Fig (1) and Fig (2).

The first string run as shown in Fig (1) include liner hanger to hang the screen on the previous casing with rubber packer to seal the annulus, followed by opening port for gravelling, followed by few joints of casing in the overlap, followed by enough screen across the production zones to the bottom of the well with the sand trap.

Run in hole with the whole string to the required setting depth, set the liner hanger and inflate the rubber packer.

Run in hole with the string as shown in Fig (2), with the crossover tool package and the wash pipe inside the screen to the bottom end. The crossover tool opens the ports to allow the gravel pack pumping to the screen/casing annulus while the return fluids pass through screen to the wash pipe and return through the crossover tool above the packer to the work string/casing of the previous stage to the surface with reverse circulation mechanism.

Wash pipe:

Wash pipe is run below the gravel-pack crossover tool inside the screen to ensure that the return circulation point for the gravel-pack carrier fluid is at the bottom end of the screen. The wash pipe helps in placing gravel-pack sand at the bottom of the screen and packing from the bottom up.